Orlando is a great city with various activities, lots of fun, and a wonderful breeze. But amidst Orlando’s great qualities, many among its citizens have been awful victims of various accidents which results in personal injury. If by any unfortunate means you get involved in any kind of accident and sustained even the slightest form of injury, and you want some compensation, then hiring a personal injury lawyer in Orlando and filing a personal injury claim is all you would ever need.

Filing a Personal Injury Case in Orlando

Imagine you were involved in a car accident. The first thing you would do for sure is to seek safety. You could call 911 or visit the nearest hospital. This is as important as filing your personal injury claim itself. Immediately an accident occurs, those who were involved in the accident automatically become emergency patients that need instant medical attention. Once you have attended to your injuries and confirm that you are well, you might still want to file a personal injury claim. There are a number of personal injury lawyers in Orlando that can help you with this, but before proceeding with your personal injury claim, you should understand the process of which we will discuss below.

1. Understand Who Your Claim is Against

To file a personal injury claim, you first need to understand who your claim is against. A personal injury case can only arise when one party, usually the injured accuses another party of being the cause of his or her injuries. This party, the plaintiff or the injured, claims that the second party, the at-fault party, displayed some kind of reckless behavior or negligence that led to the accident. This is why you need an attorney. A personal injury lawyer would defend your interest and prove that the other party in the scenario was negligent, and because of his negligence, you were injured. Your lawyer would have to prove that the carelessness of the second party contributed to the accident either as the main cause, or one of the causes. The second party may be aware or may be unaware of his actions, but this does not matter in a personal injury claim. In spite of this, some personal injury cases usually have both parties guilty of negligence. To be negligent is simply to act carelessly and due to your careless behavior hurt someone. So in some cases, the individual filing a personal injury case may also have acted negligently. This means they have acted carelessly in one way or the other, and their carelessness has played a role in their injury. In this type of personal injury case, the compensation such individuals would receive is usually reduced depending on how much of his or her negligence has contributed to the injury. Since both parties are guilty, both parties have to pay the fine. Therefore you have to pay yourself for the role you played in causing the accident.

2. Understand Your Dealings With Insurance Companies

When filing a personal injury claim, chances are that an insurance company will get involved. It could either be your own insurance company or that of the other party. Most times, it could be both. An insurance company coming into the scenario could be a solution to your personal injury claim as there are certain insurance adjusters that resolve such claims to the satisfaction of both parties. However, insurance adjusters showcase in some personal injury claims and not all. Just as it is possible to get insurance adjusters involved in your personal injury case and having it resolved, it is also possible to have problems with the insurers. Your personal injury lawyer would guide you if any problem arises.

3. Call Your Lawyer

  When filing a personal injury case, there are a large number of personal injury lawyers in Orlando to help you pursue your claim. It does not matter where or how you acquired the injury. You will surely need an attorney to defend your interests. Most personal injury lawyers in Orlando allow their fees to be paid out of the sum you would recover at the end of the case. This simply means you don’t have to pay a dime until you have been compensated for your injuries.

4. File Your Personal Injury Claim

  Once you get a personal injury attorney, the next step is to begin filing your personal injury claim. It is important to note that certain personal injury claims have some kind of deadlines. Once these deadlines are reached, you can never file a claim for the incident again. This is why it is advisable to file a personal injury claim as soon as you have attended to the immediate needs of the injury themselves. Generally, you have four years to begin your claim, but for cases such as medical malpractice, you have just two years. In conclusion, if you have been searching for how to file a personal injury claim in Orlando, then below is a summary of all you need to know.
  • Understand who your claim is against.
  • Understand your dealings with insurance companies.
  • Call your lawyer.
  • File your personal injury claim
However, if you are wondering what exactly you would recover from a personal injury claim, then read the few lines below.

What You Would Recover From a Personal Injury Claim

When you file a personal injury claim, what you are actually doing is asking the other party for certain fees or fine called ‘damages’. This damage can be paid to you in any form. It could be in the form of your medical bills. It can also be a repayment of any expenses acquired as a result of the accident, and most times it is a cash sum to compensate you for the pain and suffering the injuries had caused you. This is what you can get from a personal injury case. Although, if you acquired your injury at your workplace, you will not be filing for a personal injury case but for a workers’ compensation claim. See your lawyer for more information.