Injured Because No One Provided Security? An Orlando Negligent Security Attorney Can Help

If you’ve been injured in the Orlando area because security was lacking at a hotel, retail location, or public event, speak to an experienced Orlando negligent security attorney. Call Page & Eichenblatt – (407) 386-1900 – or use the contact form here on our website. For more than twenty-five years, the personal injury attorneys at Page & Eichenblatt have fought aggressively on behalf of the injured victims of negligence in the greater Orlando area. We are the attorneys that scores of injury victims in central Florida have turned to for legal advice and representation after being seriously injured.

We are ready to fight for your rights. Attorneys Steven S. Eichenblatt and Gregory A. Page are award-winning Florida personal injury lawyers who have built a reputation for legal excellence in the personal injury field. They have a long history of success on behalf of their injury clients.

Clients pay no lawyer’s fee unless and until Page & Eichenblatt win compensation on your behalf. Your first meeting with one of our personal injury attorneys is free, and there is no obligation.

Here’s Help if You Are a Crime Victim – and You’ve Been Injured

Orlando-area residents and visitors are the victims of crime on a daily basis. Many of these crimes – and the injuries they cause – could have been prevented if property owners had provided adequate security.

Retailers advertise well-lit parking areas. Condominiums boast about security in their marketing brochures. And everyone feels safer at games and concerts when there’s plenty of security on hand. However, some of the property owners who need to provide security simply don’t.

Florida property owners are legally obligated to take reasonable measures to keep others on their properties safe from injury – including the injuries caused by assaults, batteries, and robberies.

Can a Property Owner Be Liable for Your Injuries?

When a property owner fails to take reasonable safety measures or to warn visitors about potentially hazardous conditions on a property, if someone is injured as the result of that failure, the property owner may be liable under Florida law for negligent security.

If you’ve been injured in central Florida – or if you are injured in the future – because a property owner failed to make adequate security available, make the call and arrange immediately to meet with an experienced Orlando negligent security attorney at Page & Eichenblatt.

Some type of security is usually required at locations – that are accessible to the public – where crimes and the injuries they cause are likely to happen, such as garages, parking lots, lobbies, staircases, and hallways.

Negligent security claims can arise from injuries caused by criminal activity in and around arenas, stadiums, restaurants, hotels, amusement attractions, theaters, and shopping malls.

How Will the Legal Team at Page & Eichenblatt Help You?

If you’re injured in central Florida because of a property owner’s security negligence, discuss your case with an attorney at Page & Eichenblatt. There’s no charge. We can help you file a premises liability lawsuit to recover your medical expenses, lost wages, and related damages.

If a person is mugged, battered, sexually assaulted, or injured in some other way on a particular property, the victim may be able to pursue a premises liability claim.

Even if the criminal perpetrator is never apprehended, the property owner may be found liable – and ordered to pay monetary damages to the victim – if reasonable safety measures were not taken and if adequate security was not provided.

Page & Eichenblatt has more than twenty-five years of experience representing injured victims of negligence in central Florida. Put an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney to work as your advocate if you are injured because a property owner did not arrange for adequate security.

What Will You Have to Prove With a Negligent Security Claim?

If you have been injured, assaulted, or otherwise harmed on a particular property in central Florida, these factors determine whether you can move forward with a premises liability claim:

  • The property’s owner did not meet a legal duty to repair a hazardous condition or to provide adequate warnings about a possibly hazardous situation.
  • You sustained injuries or damages as a result of the property owner’s failure to repair a hazardous condition or to provide adequate warnings, and your injury attorney is able to prove it.
  • A property owner’s negligence has to lead directly to your injuries. For instance, if you’re assaulted in a parking garage, and if you can’t describe the assailant to the police because the lighting was inadequate, you probably have a winning premises liability claim.

If You Are Injured in a Crime, What Steps Should You Take?

If you’re injured because of criminal activity anywhere in Florida, seek medical treatment immediately. Report the crime and injury to the police, and if it’s private property, to the staff or ownership. Then contact an experienced Orlando injury attorney at Page & Eichenblatt.

Don’t sign any papers provided by a property owner or an insurance company before you’ve met with an Orlando injury lawyer. In fact, don’t agree to anything, and don’t accept any settlement offer before you’ve met with an injury lawyer and you’ve obtained sound legal advice.

Read more about the steps you should take on our blog post regarding filing a lawsuit for negligent security.

Why You Must Not Take a Quick Settlement Offer

Your premises liability attorney will be an experienced negotiator who will almost certainly negotiate a better settlement agreement. If you accept a first settlement offer, it probably will not be enough, and you will forfeit any right to any further legal action or additional compensation.

Nothing is more important than your health and your future. The personal injury attorneys at Page & Eichenblatt have fought aggressively for the injured victims of negligence in the greater Orlando area for more than a quarter of a century. We are ready to fight for you.

Can You Afford a Lawyer if You’re Injured and You Can’t Work?

If you are injured because of negligent security in the Orlando area, you become a client at Page & Eichenblatt, and you file a premises liability claim, you will pay no attorney’s fee unless and until we recover the compensation that you are entitled to under Florida law.

If you’ve been injured in the greater Orlando area, and if you believe that negligent security was a direct cause of your personal injury or injuries, call Page & Eichenblatt now at (407) 386-1900, or complete the contact form that you’ll find here on our website.

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