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Page & Eichenblatt has over twenty-five years of personal injury experience in Florida. If you’re injured by a negligent truck driver or a trucking company in central Florida, contact an experienced Orlando truck accident attorney at Page & Eichenblatt promptly. Attorneys Gregory A. Page and Steven S. Eichenblatt have considerable experience with injury cases that arise from truck accidents. They advocate aggressively for the compensation – and the justice – that every truck accident victim is entitled to by law.

Every Page & Eichenblatt client receives personal attention. An experienced Florida accident attorney will personally address your concerns, answer your questions, and bring your truck accident case to its best possible resolution.

We fight for the rights of injury victims in Orlando and across central Florida. Your first consultation with a truck accident lawyer at Page & Eichenblatt is free, and you pay no attorney’s fee until we recover the compensation that you need and deserve.

How Common Are Truck Accidents in the United States?

Commercial semi-trucks and tractor-trailers take essential products and consumer goods to every town and city in the U.S. These huge trucks are important and integral to our economy and our way of life, but big trucks also pose substantial risks to innocent drivers and their passengers.

Each year in the U.S., about 90,000 of us are seriously injured in truck accidents. Nearly twelve percent of all U.S. traffic deaths happen in truck accidents. If you’re injured in a truck accident in Florida, speak at once to an experienced Orlando truck accident attorney at Page & Eichenblatt.

The accident attorneys at Page & Eichenblatt have advised and effectively represented truck accident injury victims for more than twenty-five years. We can provide the advice and the legal representation that you’ll need if you are injured in an accident with a large commercial truck.

Why Are Truck Accidents So Complicated Legally?

You’ll need an experienced lawyer’s help because accidents that involve trucks can be far more complicated than crashes with automobiles alone. One reason is overlapping jurisdiction. Along with each state’s laws, the trucking industry also is governed by federal rules and regulations.

The second reason why truck accidents are difficult legally is because these accidents usually involve more than two parties; truck companies, leasing companies, owners, drivers, government agencies, and parts and vehicle manufacturers may all have a role in a truck accident case.

What is Vicarious Liability?

The legal concept referred to as “vicarious liability” lets employers be held liable for the negligence of employees, provided that the negligence wasn’t intentional and that it happened within the “scope” of a worker’s employment duties. Here’s an example.

If a driver injures you while making a delivery, liability may transfer to the employer through vicarious liability. But if that driver injures you in a Starbucks parking lot while stopping for coffee, the liability will likely be the driver’s alone, as coffee stops are not part of the job duties.

However, if a truck driver works as an independent contractor, vicarious liability probably won’t apply. Employers can be held liable for the negligence of an employee but can almost never be held accountable for the behavior of an independent contractor.

Why Are So Many Truck Accident Injuries Catastrophic?

Catastrophic injuries in truck collisions are no surprise when the size and weight of a commercial truck is considered. These trucks weigh twenty to thirty times more than a typical automobile. If the injuries that someone sustains in a trucking crash are not fatal, they may be catastrophic.

Truck accidents frequently cause traumatic brain injuries, multiple bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, and injuries requiring amputation. The victims of such injuries will need the maximum possible compensation – and an experienced lawyer who knows how to acquire it.

Fatigued drivers are the number one reason for truck accidents, but collisions also happen when truck drivers are distracted or impaired, when trucks exceed their weight limit when freight hasn’t been properly loaded, or if any truck parts – like the brakes – are defective.

Can Truck Accidents Be Avoided?

Every Florida driver should consider these recommendations for avoiding an accident with a large commercial semi-truck or tractor-trailer:

  1. Maintain as much distance as possible between large trucks and your own vehicle.
  2. Always pass trucks on the left side; the right side is full of blind spots.
  3. If you must pass a truck, pass it as quickly as you can.

Stay as far as possible from trucks that are making turns. To turn right, the truck driver has to first swing wide to the left, so don’t move to the truck’s right – you’ll get stuck. The smart strategy is keeping as much distance as possible between big trucks and your own vehicle.

If You’re Injured, How Will Page & Eichenblatt Help?

If you or someone you love is hurt in a central Florida truck accident, you’ll need sound advice regarding your rights and options. An Orlando accident attorney at Page & Eichenblatt can provide reliable advice and aggressive representation that a truck accident victim will need.

An experienced accident attorney will investigate exactly how a truck accident happened and how you were injured. Your attorney will examine the evidence, question the witnesses, determine which party or parties are liable, and fight hard for the compensation that you’ll need.

What Does Florida’s “14-day Rule” Require?

This is important: If you are injured in any traffic accident in Florida, you must be examined and/or treated by a healthcare professional within the first fourteen days after the accident or you will not be compensated by an insurance company for your medical bills and lost wages.

Florida’s “14-Day Rule” is strict and strictly enforced, but you really must be examined immediately after a truck accident. If you don’t seek immediate medical attention, a latent or hard-to-detect injury could quickly – or slowly – emerge as a serious medical condition.

Your First Meeting With an Accident Attorney is Free

After you’ve been examined by a medical provider, arrange at once to consult an experienced Florida accident attorney at Page & Eichenblatt. Injured victims of negligence are entitled to compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and all other accident-and-injury-related damages.

Take your case to Page & Eichenblatt and put the law to work for you. Truck accident victims are provided with a free first consultation, and there’s no obligation. If you become our client, you pay no attorney’s fee unless we prevail on your behalf.

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