Injured On Private Property? Premises Liability Lawyers Will Fight For Your Rights

If you’re injured on someone else’s private property in central Florida because a property owner was negligent, speak to an experienced Orlando premises liability lawyer at Page & Eichenblatt. Call us at 407-386-1900, or use the contact form here on our website. The premises liability attorneys at Page & Eichenblatt fight aggressively for the injured victims of negligence, their rights, and the compensation they are entitled to by Florida law.

For a quarter of a century, we have been the attorneys that victims of negligence in central Florida turn to for legal advice and representation when they have been seriously injured. We are ready to fight for you. The legal team at Page & Eichenblatt includes award-winning Florida personal injury lawyers who have built a reputation for legal excellence in the field of premises liability.

The first legal consultation with an attorney at Page & Eichenblatt is free, and there is no obligation. An injured victim of negligence pays no attorney’s fee until and unless Page & Eichenblatt recover damages on your behalf.

What Are the Premises Liability Laws in Florida?

If you are injured on someone else’s property, can the property owner be held accountable for your injuries? Here in Florida, if you were injured because a property owner was negligent, you may be entitled by law to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Property owners in this state may be liable for injuries caused by busted locks and broken windows, fire code and building violations, poorly lit staircases and parking lots, wet floors, falling merchandise, and other dangerous conditions.

Broadly speaking, property owners in Florida are obligated by law to maintain their properties safely for tenants, employees, customers, clients, and other visitors.

When Will You Need a Premises Liability Lawyer?

If you have been injured on another party’s property in central Florida because security was insufficient or because maintenance was ignored, the property owner may be liable for your medical bills, your lost wages, and your other injury-related losses and damages.

Let an experienced Orlando premises liability lawyer at Page & Eichenblatt explain your rights and how the law applies to your case. When you seek legal help at Page & Eichenblatt, an experienced Orlando injury attorney immediately begins investigating your accident and injury.

How Can You Prevail With a Premises Liability Claim?

To prevail with your claim, your lawyer may also seek testimony or statements from expert witnesses. Our legal team will negotiate with the property owner, the property owner’s insurance company, and their attorneys. Most premises liability claims are resolved out-of-court.

To recover compensation in Florida with a premises liability claim, an injury victim and that victim’s attorney will have to prove that:

  1. There was a hazard on the property.
  2. The owner (or property manager) failed to repair the hazard or warn the visitors.
  3. The property owner’s negligence was a direct cause of the victim’s injury.

What Kind of Evidence Can Strengthen Your Case?

It helps your premises liability claim when your attorney can demonstrate that a property owner violated the law. For instance, property owners must comply with Florida building codes. If you are injured because of a building code violation, it’s likely that your injury claim will prevail.

If you are injured in any scenario on someone else’s private property, seek medical treatment at once – that’s always the paramount priority. Try to get photographs of the site where you were injured, and try to get the names and contact details of anyone who saw you being injured.

What Causes Do We Handle at Page & Eichenblatt?

After you’ve been examined by a medical professional, contact an experienced Central Florida premises liability attorney at Page & Eichenblatt. We can help you take the appropriate legal steps. We represent injury victims in premises liability cases that include but are not limited to:

  1. Slip-and-fall injuries, trip-and-fall injuries, and falls on staircases
  2. Injuries suffered because a building code was violated
  3. Injuries suffered because of collapsed decks, collapsed structures, or falling objects
  4. Injuries suffered because of negligent security at games, concerts, and other locations
  5. Swimming pool and burn injuries, dog bites, or other injuries related to premises liability

The experienced premises liability attorneys at Page & Eichenblatt are deeply committed to helping those injured by the negligence of others in central Florida. We understand that you face daunting financial, emotional, and physical challenges after a serious personal injury or injuries.


Most injury claims in Florida are settled privately, so most injury victims never even have to make a court appearance. We handle every aspect of your premises liability claim so that you can focus on regaining your health as quickly as possible. Attorneys at Page & Eichenblatt will:

  1. Determine why the accident that injured you happened
  2. Determine the specific extent of your personal injury or injuries
  3. Determine precisely who is liable for your personal injury or injuries
  4. Fight aggressively for the compensation and for the justice that you need and deserve

The lawyers at Page & Eichenblatt hold property owners liable for negligence that injures others. We prepare each case for trial, so if out-of-court negotiations fail to provide a settlement, we can explain what happened to a jury, and we will ask that jury to order the payment of your damages.

How Does Page & Eichenblatt Handle a Premises Liability Claim?

Your first consultation with a premises liability lawyer at Page & Eichenblatt is free, and there is no obligation. We work on a contingency fee basis, so if you become our client, you pay no attorney’s fee until we recover compensation – and win justice – on your behalf.

The premises liability lawyers of Page & Eichenblatt have been advocating aggressively for central Florida’s injured victims of negligence for over a quarter of a century. Put the law on your side and put us to work for you.

If You’re an Injured Victim of Negligence, Reach Out to Us Now

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